DFMZ is pleased to introduce our new, state-of-the-art BK3-4 Series 4’-wide Biological Safety Cabinet. These cabinets provide excellent user, product and environmental protection as defined by NSF-49 and are suitable for use in Biosafety Levels 1, 2 and 3, as well as other applications where the control of airborne particulates and aerosols is critical. The BK3-4 Series is fully loaded with many standard features including motorized front sash and LCD control panel.

Key Features
  • Class II Type A2 design is NSF-49 listed
  • Hinged front access panel for easy servicing of electrical and mechanical components
  • Large work volume with one-piece #304 stainless steel interior liner with coved corners
  • Ergonomically designed and comfortable front air foil
  • Vertical raising sash is a dual laminated, UV resistant safety glass, sloped at 10° for reduced glare, operator comfort, and to maximize reach into the work zone for cleaning
  • Exterior shell of cabinet is constructed of welded CRS and finished with an anti-bacterial treated powder coated paint
Standard Features
  • Energy efficient ECM motor with soft-start operation
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters for the supply and exhaust air are rated 99.999% efficient at 0.3 microns (ISO Class 5 conditions)
  • Motorized vertical sliding sash can be operated on LCD control panel or with the remote control provided
  • Auto-stop feature at designated sash opening height and alarm indicators when sash is at unsafe working height
  • Sash is fully interlocked with both the supply fan and the UV light
  • Energy efficient fluorescent task lighting
  • Germicidal UV light
  • Stainless steel IV bar complete with 10 IV hooks
  • One duplex electrical outlet on right side panel
  • One GAS service fixture with localized operator on left side panel
  • One capped penetration in left side panel for installation of future service fixtures
  • Large LCD display complete with ON/OFF functions for blower, lights, UV timer, sash height control, and electrical outlet. Includes remote control unit
  • Display shows filter life indicator and abnormal airflow conditions or filter change complete with audible and visual alarms and mute button
Optional Features
  • Heavy-duty steel support frame finished with anti-bacteria powder coat paint available for 30” or 36” high work surface height and complete with set of four Roll-N-Set type casters with adjustable leveling feet
  • Hydraulic adjustable height base stand with electric assist or manual operation
  • Additional service fixtures (GAS, AIR or VACUUM)
  • Exhaust transition and airflow alarm monitor for vented applications
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