Mechanical Engineer - Project Management


Job Summary

Design Filtration Microzone, with over 45 years of experience, is a well-established fixture in the cleanroom and health sciences landscape. Based in Ottawa, we design and install custom cleanrooms and manufacture lab equipment including laminar airflow hoods, robotic enclosures, extraction hoods, wet benches and forensic equipment. DFMZ systems are deployed throughout North America and literally around the world.

DFMZ is seeking a Mechanical Project Engineer to assist with the development of new equipment and management of cleanroom projects. This is a unique opportunity to work in a fast-paced multi-faceted environment where many client solutions are fully custom, and a strong understanding of the client’s application is essential to the success of the project.

The successful candidate will carry projects from start to finish. From budgetary proposals and tender process responses, to overseeing the purchase, design, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning of large scale cleanroom projects.

A constant learning knowledge of newly implemented standards for both cleanrooms and lab equipment will be essential to ensure that products continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements and standards.

The ideal candidate will possess a well-rounded technical and professional skill set. They will present themselves with a high level of professionalism and confidence when dealing direct with clients, as well as advanced technical and hands on capability when troubleshooting under pressure.

Responsibilities and Duties

- Work with the principal engineer at the company, in support of the project requirements.

- Investigate project design requirements, code / design aspects, apply requirements to a design, for review by the principal.

- Prepare CAD plans and specifications for the project for client approval.

- Professional client engagement, site visits, and initial responses.

- Definition of the client’s application and scope of work.

- Responding to RFP, Tender Process, Prequalification, etc.-

- Approval process with external manufacturers and supplier relations.

- Internal manufacturing quality control and approval.

- Scheduling and overseeing installation and integration of deliverables with other trades.

- Interpretation of seismic and structural review

- Develop new products and product improvements by optimizing quality, performance, cost and ease of manufacturing

- Work with the production department to improve manufacturing processes and overall flow of work

- Develop user manuals and commissioning reports of new products.

- Constant review and implementation of up to date industry standards for USP Cleanrooms, ULC standards, RoHS compliance etc.

- Reconfigure products to comply with standards of country of export.

Qualifications and Skills

Required Skills:

- Functional in all MS Office suite software.

- Well versed in Solidworks and highly proficient using AutoCAD 2D.

- Experience in heat loss / gain calculations, energy calculations, duct sizing, pipe sizing, plumbing systems and specifications of mechanical equipment is an asset.

- Must have the ability to write specifications, field reports, client letters, and project reporting.

- Ability to investigate project information and gather data that is absent / unclear, as related to a project deliverable.

- Ability to work from verbal instructions for project deliverables.

- Must be able to work on numerous projects within a work week.

- Be able to complete assigned tasks within stipulated assigned timeframes and per client schedules.

- Practical hands-on mechanical and electrical skills are an asset.

- Ability to interpret Mechanical, Electrical, and Architectural drawings.

- Basis in HVAC function and design is an asset.

- Creation of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and PLC programming

- Proven mechanical aptitude and product design experience

- Well-developed organizational and analytical skills

- Technical project management experience

- Experience working among trades and on job sites.

- Good understanding of construction process and sequence of task

- Experience in engineering sales

- Ability to express technical information to a non-technical audience

- High level of professionalism and refined social skills.

- Ability to take direction and work independently.


- Intermediate Engineering position

- At least 3 years full time experience in a similar engineer position

- Proof of continuous learning is an asset (supplemental academic course, hobbies testing your mechanical aptitude)

- Annual professional training is encouraged (portions of training are funded).

- The opportunity to grow in your applied knowledge and career development.

- Registered EIT is an asset

- Eligible for P-Eng is an asset

Other skills & qualifications:

- Ability to work well in a team

- Good communication skills

- Bilingual (English & French) is an asset.


Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical, but other disciplines may apply

Job Type:


Required experience:

Full time: 3 years

Project Management: 2 years

Required education:


Required language:



A leader in Building Clean Environments

We are very pleased to announce that as a result of a recent merger of Microzone Corporation and Design Filtration Inc., our two companies have become one entity under the name of Design Filtration Microzone Inc.

This is a very exciting venture for both companies, for our employees, customers, distributors and our supplier partners. Our mission at Design Filtration Microzone Inc. is to provide an excellent customer service experience with the unsurpassed knowledge base and the high level of expertise that our customers and distributors have come to expect. This joining of forces has resulted in a more comprehensive product offering including several new equipment lines to be announced in the coming months.


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