DFMZ GMP Cleanroom FIP Wall System



The DFMZ GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Modular Cleanroom FIP (Foamed-In-Place) Wall System is often used when a smooth, easy-to-clean wall surface is required. Common applications include pharmaceutical manufacturing and other cGMP installations. It is also commonly used to create cleanrooms inside unconditioned spaces such as warehouses due to the system's excellent insulating properties.


  • Core formed from polyurethane foam, CFC free, foamed in place
  • Facing material: white painted, aluminum or galvanized steel. Stainless steel also available
  • Wall thickness: 3" to 4" (76-102 mm)
  • Wall module heights: typically 8' to 10' (2,438-3,048 mm)
  • Maximum height: 18' (5,486 mm)
  • Wall modules are firmly fastened together by internal cam-locks
  • Insulating properties: R value of 7 per one inch of wall thickness
  • Conduits and receptacle boxes pre-installed in wall modules
  • Wall panels can be used to form ceiling caps as well


  • Surface mounted air returns
  • Window modules with ABS or aluminum frames
  • Polypropylene or stainless steel Pass-Throughs


  • Custom sizes and configurations

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