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PharmaMod 797


DFMZ PharmaMod 797 Cleanroom System is extremely popular with compounding pharmacists who require a solid facility at a great price. Walls are constructed with our DFMZ 1.5 wall system and equipped with the DFMZ 2.0 coved ceiling. The PharmaMod 797 system has been installed across the USA and Canada (from Florida to California and from Vancouver Island to the Maritime Provinces). The key to our success is carefully working with each pharmacist to develop a custom design that fits their particular space and process flow.


  • Heavy-duty, anodized, extruded aluminum frame (1-5/8" or 2" thick)
  • Solid white polypropylene and clear acrylic inserts
  • Ceiling height of 8'; however, virtually any height up to 16' can be provided
  • Sliding or swing doors constructed with extruded aluminum frames and clear acrylic inserts
  • Anodized, aluminum service chases with snap covers allow from easy installation and future modification of services
  • DFMZ 2.0 Ceiling Grid with coved transitions
  • Design-Aire HEPA Filter Fan Modules
  • Gauge Panels complete with room pressure monitoring and light switches


  • DFMZ - Double Track - Flush face on both sides
  • Negative Rooms for Hazardous Product preparation
  • Interlocked doors with magnetic door locks
  • Automatic sliding or swing doors
  • Polypropylene or stainless steel Pass-Throughs
  • Digital Pressure Gauges complete with fault indication


  • Custom sizes and configurations